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Welcome to Bright Box Image, Bright Box Image is a print and web design firm that specializes in building and extending the reach of your brand. We help businesses connect with prospects, engage them and convert them into paying customers. Our new site is coming shortly. Please do sign up to be added to our mailing list.

Who we are

Our approach.

At its core, we see design as a way to deepen relationships with your customers. To us, good design helps to tell your story. Great design, however, connects with your customers in a powerful way, stirring up the emotional triggers that make them want to buy. 

Prior to design, we conduct a brand analysis in keeping with your budget. Be prepared, we ask a lot of questions. We listen intently. We conduct appropriate market research. We help you determine the next steps for your brand. We develop a game plan and get to work turning prospects into paying customers.

Our competitive edge.

Effective design comes from an informed point of view. We follow pop culture, current events and design trends intensely. We have burning curiosity for the world around us, and we draw our inspiration from it. For example, we’ve followed the emergence of social media platforms like Twitter and can design campaigns for clients to help extend their brands. Clearly, effective design has no boundaries.

What’s more, with nearly 20 years in the business, we understand all the pieces of a comprehensive marketing strategy—and the need to maximize your marketing budget.

Our founder.

Award-winning designer Bridie Macdonald is the creative talent behind Bright Box Image. She has produced print and online design projects for clients ranging from small startups to Fortune 150 firms since the earliest days of the web. Her understanding of the global marketplace and passion for creating consistent messaging is used to create strong brand personalities that emotionally connect with customers and ignite sales.

Bridie brings her experience and curiosity to each project and guides the work of talented marketing partners, bringing each project to completion seamlessly and effectively.

Get in touch

+1 555 85952
345 Rodeo Drive San Jose, CA 95111, USA