We get it. Beautiful design turns heads. But we’ve been around long enough to know that without sales strategy behind it, it’s nothing but eye candy. Pretty to look at, but seriously lacking the substance to spark sales.

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WordPress 3.8 faster, easier on the eyes & custom colors!

We’ve been burning the midnight oil updating client websites to the latest WordPress upgrade. The admin area has changed it’s look quite a bit – and we love it! Easier on the eyes and much faster, it’s a welcome upgrade for a platform we love. Just in time for the holidays! We recommend keeping your […]

TNEF's Enough

Making winmail.dat files readable for mac users.

Mac tip o’ the day. Though Mac plays nice with most email, occasionally there will be a message that comes through as a MIME attachment that comes through as an (unreadable) winmail.dat. No need to scratch your head with worry. Though there are quite a few programs out there that can handle reading the file […]

image by lyde Robinson

Common Client Question “Where can I find images for my website?”

In the process of setting up new projects we are often asked where our clients might find images for their website blogging without getting in trouble (i.e. Google grab). There are three approaches. The first is (of course) creating your own image or hiring someone to do that for you. But often budget/time does not […]